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 Miss Money in the Bank

» Real Name: Leah Van Damme
» Ring Name: Carmella
» Born: 23 October, 1987

Carmella gets what she wants, when she wants it, and this lady has her sights set on making history in WWE. A former NFL and NBA dancer, the self-titled “Princess of Staten Island” has the athletic abilities to make her dreams a reality.
The bombshell’s road to the NXT ring was rather unusual, but now she is one of WWE SmackDown’s rising stars after the WWE Draft.
The first, undisputed 2x Money in the Bank winner, she is on the road to become SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion.
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Carmella took part in the historic, first ever Woman Royal Rumble match! Watch on demand on the WWE Network, or view digital photos/screen captures.

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WWE Network Talking Smack recap: 20 June, 2017
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Carmella and James Ellsworth join the show.

Neither are in great moods, but Bryan said Carmella can win it next week and get the briefcase herself. Carmella accuses Bryan of making up rules and that there wasn’t a rule about grabbing the case. Carmella starts to “tear up” about Bryan being mean and asks what would happen if someone did something like that to his daughter. Ellsworth says he has a plan, but Bryan lets him know that he’s banned from ringside next week! Carmella says she’ll win anyways and both storm off the set.

Renee thought Carmella was really tearing up, Bryan had no sympathy for her, nor Ellsworth. They switch to Lana and Naomi’s Championship match next week on SmackDown. Renee asks Daniel what advice her could give to Lana and he said she’s done a good job considering the time she’s actually been in the ring. Bryan says Naomi is in her prime though and is in fantastic shape.

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