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Pay-Per View, Photos, WWE Network, ♦ March 12, 2018

Becky Lynch and Naomi vs. Carmella and Natalya

We go to the ring and out first comes Naomi, followed by partner Becky Lynch. Carmella is out next with her Money In the Bank briefcase. Natalya is out last for her team.

We see more of the international announce teams in the arena as Natalya makes her way to the ring. Carmella starts off with Becky and they go at it. Becky with an early 1 count. They talk trash and Becky shoves Carmella. Becky tries to take Carmella down with the Dis-Arm-Her but Carmella goes to the bottom rope. Carmella takes Becky to the corner and in comes Natalya for some double teaming. Natalya takes Becky down and walks on her. Natalya taunts Naomi, allowing Becky to roll her up from behind for 2.

Becky takes control of Natalya and in comes Naomi for some double teaming. Naomi with a big slap to the face for a 2 count. Natalya shoves Naomi but Naomi comes back with low kicks. Naomi charges and floors Natalya. Naomi misses in the corner and Natalya drops her. Natalya runs the ropes but Naomi hits the modified stunner. Naomi goes for the split-legged moonsault from the corner but Carmella comes over and Naomi has to kick her off the apron. Natalya takes advantage and powerbombs Naomi to the mat for a 2 count.

Natalya wastes some time and covers for a 2 count. Carmella tags in and works over Naomi, taking it to the corner. Carmella shows off some and hits a Bronco Buster in the corner. Carmella with another pin attempt and more offense, grinding Naomi’s face into the mat. Carmella keeps Naomi grounded now and talks trash. Naomi fights up and goes for a slam but it’s blocked. Naomi goes for a tag but Carmella brings her down by her hair. Natalya tags back in and keeps Naomi grounded. More back and forth now. Carmella tags in and uses the ropes for a submission on Naomi. The referee counts and she breaks it. Carmella with more use of the hair as the referee warns her. Carmella goes wild on Naomi and beats her while she’s face down on the apron. Carmella with a 2 count.

Natalya tags in but Naomi spears Carmella back into the corner. Natalya grabs Naomi but Naomi brewaks free and tags in Becky. Becky unloads Natalya, running her over and dropping her with a kick. Becky with the Bexploder suplex. Becky gets fired up as fans pop for her. Natalya sends Becky to the apron but Becky hits her with strikes. Becky goes to the top and nails a missile dropkick. Carmella tags in but Becky kicks her. Carmella with a jawbreaker. Naomi tags in and kicks Carmella from the apron. Naomi brings it in with the sunset flip but Carmella kicks out at 2. Carmella avoids a Rear View. Naomi botches her springboard kick a bit but drops Carmella with it. Becky tags in and leaps from the top but Natalya breaks the pin attempt. Naomi tries to tangle with Natalya but Natalya sends her to the floor. Becky sends Natalya to the floor. Carmella and Becky go at it now. Natalya gets on the apron and provides a distraction, allowing Carmella to bring Becky from the top with the scissors. Naomi breaks that pin attempt just in time.

Natalya tries to hand in the MITB briefcase to Carmella while the referee is distracted by Naomi. Becky pushes Carmella to the side and knocks Natalya off the apron. Becky turns around to the big kick from Carmella for the pin.

Winners: Natalya and Carmella

– After the match, Carmella and Natalya celebrate on the ramp as their music hits. We get a replay and come back to the heels leaving as Carmella raises the briefcase.

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Pay-Per View, Photos ♦ June 19, 2017

MITB Ladder Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Becky Lynch

We go right to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair. There are ladders all over the place. Greg Hamilton does the introductions for the first-ever Money In the Bank Ladder Match for the women’s division. Becky Lynch is out next. Tamina Snuka is out next as we see some of the international announce teams at ringside. Carmella is out next with James Ellsworth and Natalya is last. We get a video package for the match.

The bell rings and they scramble for ladders on the floor. Tamina dominates early on and is in the ring alone with a ladder. Charlotte runs in and unloads on Tamina, dropping her with a big boot. Natalya with a discus clothesline on Flair. Flair fights her off and tosses her. Becky is also in the mix. Tamina splashes Becky in the corner. Carmella comes in but Tamina hits her with a Samoan Drop. Carmella rolls back out of the ring. Tamina grabs a ladder and drops Natalya. Tamina lays a ladder across the middle rope in the corner and catapults Natalya into it. Tamina stands tall and poses to boos.

It comes down to Natalya and Becky fighting for a ladder after Becky dropped Tamina with it. They both drop Tamina when she comes back up. Becky drops Natalya and kicks Carmella off the apron. Becky turns around to Natalya scooping her and slamming her on top of a ladder. Natalya positions a ladder and climbs up for the briefcase. She gets her fingers on it but Flair runs up and grabs her. Natalya kicks Flair to the mat. Charlotte tries again but Natalya sends her down and keeps going for the briefcase. Flair brings Natalya down with an Electric Chair. Carmella stops Flair and ends up at the top of the ladder with her. They trade shots. Tamina pushes the ladder over and they land hard.

Natalya hits Tamina with a ladder now. Fans chant “this is awesome” now. Natalya goes for a ladder but Becky grabs her. Natalya drops her and goes for a Sharpshooter, locking it in. Carmella breaks it with a superkick to Natalya’s face. Flair tosses Carmella and goes at it with Natalya. Natalya with a butterfly suplex. Natalya looks up. Becky whips Natalya into a ladder in the corner and sends her to the floor. Becky climbs a ladder but Carmella stops her, sending her into the corner. Becky blocks a shot into the steel. Carmella takes Becky down and looks to climb as Ellsworth cheers her on. Carmella climbs but Flair pulls her down and boots her. Tamina drops Natalya on the floor. Flair climbs the ladder and touches the case but Tamina hits her from behind. They fight on the ladder. Tamina headbutts Charlotte to the mat.

Charlotte ends up sending Tamina to the floor and ramming her back into the steel steps. Charlotte goes back in but Natalya grabs her leg. Flair kicks Natalya away and goes to the top rope. Charlotte leaps and takes out both Natalya and Tamina from the top on the floor. Carmella climbs the ladder but Becky brings her down with a powerbomb. Fans chant for Becky as she climbs up now. Ellsworth comes in and tips the ladder, causing Becky to hit the top rope. Fans boo Ellsworth. He tries to wake Carmella up now. Ellsworth looks up as a “yes!” chant starts. He climbs for the briefcase. Ellsworth unhooks the briefcase to a big pop. He drops it down to Carmella and the bell rings.

Winner: Carmella

– Ellsworth starts skipping around and celebrating. We see the referees arguing at ringside. Ellsworth goes over and argues with them. Ellsworth takes the mic from Hamilton and announces Carmella as the winner and the first Miss Money In the Bank. Carmella stands tall and raises the briefcase. Carmella stands on the ladder with the briefcase as her music hits. We go to replays and come back to Ellsworth leaving with Carmella as they celebrate. The other Superstars don’t look happy at ringside.

– Lana is backstage with Dasha Fuentes. She says the other women were lucky she wasn’t in the ladder match. She also talks about how she will prove her doubters wrong and win the title tonight.

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